Hi, I am Ernest.

Digital Marketing Strategist. Brand Manager. Ilonggo Dad.

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About me

I’m Ernest. You might also know me as Ilonggo Dad from YouTube.

Apart from being a proud family man, I’m just a simple guy grinding and grabbing opportunities in booming Iloilo City — finding honest ways to provide a better opportunities for my family.

Without compromising integrity and gagging my passion for creation and desire for self-improvement, I aim to achieve the goals I set for myself.

I figured — instead of slaving all my hours away working in a cubicle for a company that doesn’t care about my genuine interests — I’ll channel my inventiveness into something fulfilling and financially rewarding at the same time.

Welcome to my Website

I often find myself doing so many things at the same time… or not doing anything at all. I either multitask, or procastinate.

A multitasking procrastinator or procrastinating multitasker, whichever is right, it’s certainly not the optimal way to get results but it produces results nonetheless.

Another thing I am sure about myself is that I have this intense need to create. I have the passion for creation.

So this website is basically an aggregate of all the things I created, currently creating, and will be creating. It also includes my opinions, experiments, and recommendations.

This is a blog, marketing brochure, and portfolio website all rolled into one. Basically an attempt to bring method to my madness.

What I can do for you


Ilonggo Dad has been on YouTube since last year and his channel is growing steadily, showing a slice of his life via vlogs and other infotainment videos.

Social Media Manager

Managing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other Social Media platforms for customer service, sales, and lead generation.

Web Developer

For more than a decade, Ilonggo Dad has single-handedly developed more than 30 websites and helped build a couple of dozens more.

Ads/Marketing Strategist

Internet is a big noisy place. One must know where and how to advertise to effectively reach customers. Ilonggo Dad knows.

Brand Manager

Everyone needs a good hype man, especially online. Is your brand getting the recognition it deserves? No? Ilonggo Dad manages brands online.

Online Content Creator

Copywriting, blogging, videos, images, and infographics — Ilonggo Dad provides suitable online content for your website or social media feed.

You should also know…

Apart from creating websites & online content, managing brands & social media, and being on YouTube — I am also an Online Marketing Specialist of Megaworld Iloilo Business Park.

If you need firsthand information about the condominiums and other properties in Iloilo Business Park. Contact me or go to this website: IloiloCondominiums.com

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